January 10, 2011



sorry for upsetting you guys, you've been very patient & surprisingly very loyal. Still visiting eventhough i'm not blogging ay? haha. i love you people :)

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December 25, 2010

Let's talk about PROM 2010!

Haha, okay the title said it all. So yeah, it was the first prom i actually attended. I organized 2009's prom but it wasn't my prom. So that does NOT count. Anyway, let's go about it in detail cause i'm pretty sure the photos in Facebook didn't tell you much & my records in Nuffnang showed that twice as many readers dropped by this blog & left with no update about prom the day after; this post is for you people! Sorry it took me so long to shoo my lazybones :P


The initial plan was to meet Megat & Ashwin at AC at 1 & head to the hotel straight from there. BUT, plan failed. I ended up chilling with Saikit & Andrew & the other two rascals were an hour late.

 & even after they came, everyone adjourned to foos & snooker. MAJOR DELAY-ERS.

But the good part was that it was a pleasant surprise bumping into Red during his lunch break! :) 
After that, since we took up so much time, everyone rushed for a quick meal  while i waited.


& had my pictures taken in the end.

After all that, we rushed to the hotel asap & headed to the room after some minor problems with the room. It looked simple. A little too small to cramp the whole 8 of us but oh well. Everyone in the room ended up watching Human Centipede while i got my hair & makeup done by Kenny Yee! He is so awesome. You should totally make an appointment with him if you have a formal event. I got my hair & makeup done for RM150. (student price) plus, he came to the hotel to do it for me.

*skip skip*

major panicking & rushing in the room. Imagine boys & girls getting changed in one room! Plus, hotelroom-less people crashing at your place to get changed. CRAZY.

Thankfully, it all went well in the end :) no one was late & everyone looked fab.

tada! THUMBS UP.

Before we entered, there were photographers taking pictures. So yeah, it'll look good if you had another pair. But since i went solo, i was in shit. SO, who did i walk in with?

Mister Dylan Zahari. fuuhh, hot dayummm. hahaha. ;)

Okay, back to the topic. The deco's were pretty & all but what can i say, hotel food always suck & it was a western menu. One thing i figured out, you can't cook western in big quantities like how you do for chinese food. it's not the same!

Haha, well whatever it is, i think our emcee did a pretty good job! Kudos to Jeremy from Red.FM

& i got to meet new people :) 
crystal - megan - yoursturly. :)

Then came best dressed nominees; i got nominated but i didn't win. That's okay cause the person who won deserves it & she's my bestfriend. haha. Dearest Tee Joann :) Plus, she won the PROM QUEEN title too! so proud of you hunn!

love you big bum ;)

So then came the slow dance & saikit asked me to dance with him. awww what a sweetheart & later, asked megan too! tsktsk. Player.. too much. jokes :P

So yeahp, that pretty wraps up prom!

Then later we took forever to decide where to head to after that, in the end? Spritz, Changkat. It was alright, music was fine but could've been louder. Half the crowd from prom were at Maison but nayhhh. Then again it didn't really matter where we were at. Just as long as all of us were together :) ahh, so corny. Because just amongst ourselves, we're crazy enough already. Let me show you.

example no.1
example no.2
say no more. :)

Hahaha, okay we're not thattt crazy. Those were semi candids. These are what we really are like :)

Kota Kemuning bunch! :) & Navar, visiting from Australia.

After all that, some of em headed to KFC, mamak & some back to the hotel. Hotel for me because i felt light headed from the booze. But the best one of all? Gregory Chee. the biggest L-O-L ever. Not gonna elaborate, but it's really funny. :D

Woke up next morning after barely a few proper hours of sleep for.. SWIMMING!

look at those morning faces :)
fries for breakfast? haha, this is heaven.

mr Billy Lim ( who looks like a tycoon here for some reason ) & I

bliss :)
he's like O.O

& after all that, we finally checked out at 1pm. Man, it felt super fast okay. i didn't want it to end :(

kimmy & i
barefaces! not a single slap of makeup.
fuuhh, Roshan's camwhore skills.

After all that, we headed to Pavilion for a meal. The guys were craving for Carl's Junior eve since we were at the pool. So yeahp, we girls ditched them for better food. Thai food!

pretty decos.


kimmy smhucks! :)

By 330pm, we were already on our way back.
gregory, the guy who thinks he's a ninja or some sort when he's drunk.

panda eyes! heh.

Well, the way back took a long time but it was fun at the same time :) it consisted disturbing Jonas Brothers lookalikes by the roadside, pretending to have hydraulics in your car, ( those cars that bouces in Snoop Dogg's mv ) & making 3 word sentences out of car plates. ( ex: BJJ- blow job jungle ) hahahaha :D

So yeah people, that's about all i can state here. :) for the complete pictures, it's here. CLICK.

Okay, i've been up for too long. I can hear the islam prayers. It's 6am already?!

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December 17, 2010

It's a Friday morning, i sit at the patio of my house & i see a pink dragonfly! :) Lucky me, i  managed to get an up close photo of it. Yeap, flying.

& i can proudly say i took it myself. muahahaha. feel free to click to enlarge.

Okay, nothing to update here, but i'll just say what comes into my mind.

  1. Happy Belated, Shen Khai, my dearest lalabeng. Sorry i couldn't make it for your party last night. Hope you had an awesome sausage fest :P
  2. Ashwin is getting his haircut.
  3. I did Christmas shopping yesterday.
  4. I can't wait for ECONOMICS to be over & woot! prom. 
  5. I'm hungry, again.

signing off,

December 15, 2010

Christmas is just round the corner!

So, what is Christmas to you? Presents? Mistletoes? :P Everything actually, it's the jolly season & Christmas trees just gives it the extra "oomph" to your mood. Dosen't it? That's why every year it's a tradition for my family to set up our Christmas tree! Colour theme this year? Red & Gold. :) same as last years. ah dang.

Well we started everything pretty late; around 10-ish. & by the time we finished unpacking the decos, setting up the tree, opening up the branches, vacuuming the dust etc. It was 12. hahaha. It's amazing that we have four people to work together but yet i think we get things done faster without the distraction of each other. Anyhow, it was fun! While preparing, junks consisted of Butter Shortbread Cookies & Whiskey.

munchkin' getting all excited. heh so cute :)
arranging & what not
spreading out the branches.
no, it's not as easy as it seems. the "leaves" are pokey.
this is pretty much what it looks like when it's naked. Deco-less.

 & yes, our tree has this (idk what you call it) to cover the ugly base. isn't it preeeedy?

vacuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. & what would a person like Sarah do?

yes. -.-

& i had my fair share of abuse from her
tsk tsk, Sarah..
in return? :*
daddy! :) - & a cape?

so arugleee.
Naked tree again

& the deco begins!

why so seriousss?
lights in first! ( useful tip )

Anyway, this is what happened. Sarah fell asleep on the couch & my dad was too tired. Mom was too lazy i guess. So that means, i did the decorations all alone :(

see! you think he'll get up?

no, i wasn't posing for the camera without doing anything okaayy.


wait for it..

tadaaaaa! :) well, we haven't got an angel to top it up on the tree. Idk where to get nice ones :/

my dad got some decos from the UK last year, and they're so pretty :)
bobbles :)

well, that's all. set up your Christmas tree now! :)

signing off,